Student Roommate Matching Solution

RoommateGateway serves as the sole portal for a student to pick a roommate, sign up for a housing contract, select a room, and perform an online room condition report.

Lifetopia RoommateGateway Matching

Our data shows that universities who use roommate self selection found that 65% of hall staff reported reduced roommate conflicts and 48% of hall staff reported reduced severity in conflicts when they did occur. This data suggests that roommate self-selection is reducing roommate conflicts, which also contributes to more college graduates.


Lifetopia's technology enables us to keep your pricing options low. Request a demo and see how Lifetopia can simplify your housing process without depleting your budget.


Electronic Format
Lifetopia electronic format

Save trees and paper by converting hard copy formats of your housing contract to online digital format. This allows students to review and electronically sign their online housing agreements saving hours of paperwork.

Data Integration
Lifetopia data integration

We can integrate your student information system with our housing management portal. We support CAS, Shibboleth, uPortal, Luminis, LDAP, Active Directory, and many other options!

Historical Data
Lifetopia historical data

Students can view historical data as room choices, roommate selections and room condition reports are recorded by the housing management system.

Real-time Statistics
Lifetopia real-time statistics

Our system provides real-time statistical information on student housing and building management data. Some real-time statistics include, requested changes in rooms, bed availability, housing contract data and overall general user totals.


Student Portal

RoommateGateway offers the full spectrum of functionality and depth of criteria enabling students to self-select their roommates. Lifetopia offers your school the flexibility to incorporate your business process into the site's search logic and provide administrative oversight.

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Room Condition Report is a mobile application to monitor and report damages in college housing and apartments. Use room condition report software to evaluate your housing condition. College housing departments will benefit from the paperless system that room condition report software provides and saves time resources also.

Room Condition Reporting Tools are part of the Lifetopia bundle of time and resource saving software assessment tools. Universities are faced with challenges from paper based options looking to convert their damage assessment to software and online mobile versions. Room Condition Reports are done online and web devices handle room condition report feedback.